About Sigma Contracting


Sigma is one of the leading contracting companies in Lebanon. Since the company’s registration in 1983 we have dedicated ourselves and put all our efforts towards client satisfaction.

Executing the most difficult projects, our extremely talented team on site and at the back office helps us attain our ultimate goals.

Through it all, Sigma Contracting has consistently built a reputation for quality work and timely delivery, which have earned us the admiration and satisfaction of our clients. These are our basic construction and project management fundamentals.

At Sigma, we try to defy engineering by always keeping ourselves up to date with new sustainable construction materials and technologies and management concepts.  Creativity is what helps us solving problems we face during a project.

Sigma has achieved a long list of prestigious projects, which is helping the vibrant city of Beirut and the MENA region in its transformation. Sigma Contracting continues to grow as a leading force in the regional construction industry. With our growing resources, expanding activities and increasing involvements, Sigma’s role as an instrument in the region’s progress can only get better. 

Mission: To be your partner in construction, to get the best client satisfaction. 

Vision: Stay updated with all development to provide the best service.